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· Algeria: Against Self-Amnesty - Yes to Justice, No to Impunity!
· The ricin ring that never was (Dossier, The Guardian, 14.04.05)
· El Para, the Maghreb’s Bin Laden (S. Mellah, J-B. Rivoire, Le Monde Diplo, 02.05)
· A report ignoring Algeria's appalling human rights record is being used to send refugees back to face an uncertain fate (The Guardian, 24.11.04)
· One Big Murder Mystery (A. Schatz, LRB, 07.10.04)
· Amnesty law risks legalizing impunity for crimes against humanity
· Algeria accused of killing thousands in secret war (The Independent, 28.02.03)
· Regimes of (Un)Truth (Middle East Report, Spring 2000)




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Human Rights Violations
· The attacks in Algiers: a population hostage to clan warfare (L. Addi, F. Gèze, S. Mellah, 16.12.07)
· Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb and the April 11, 2007 attacks in Algiers (F.Gèze, S. Mellah, 21.04.07)
· General Smail Lamari and the Massacres of 1997-98 (AW, 03.09.07)
· Which 'transitional justice' in Algeria ? (AW, 03.04.07)
· January 1992-January 2007: 15 years of atrocities and impunity in Algeria (AW, 11.01.07)
· The Organisation of the Forces of Repression (J. Kervyn, F. Gèze, pdf, 2004)
· The Massacres in Algeria, 1992-2004 (S. Mellah, pdf, 2004)
· The Algerian Islamist Movement (S. Mellah, pdf, 2004)
· Reconciliation - Amnesty (22.08.06)
· Session of the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal on Algeria
· Extraditions from the UK (16.12.08)
· Observatory on Human Rights in Algeria (ODHA)
· Campaign against the US Naval Base at Guantánamo Bay (18.12.08)
· Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members
· The “Algerian enemy” of France: the GSPC or the secret services of the military junta? (O. Benderra, F. Gèze, S. Mellah, 23.07.05)
· Algeria: A new Model of a "Democratic" Torture State (L.Addi, F.Gèze, 20.07.04)
· Army and DRS heads are responsible and guilty (AW, 04.04.05)
· Reconciliation Cannot Be Built on Lies (AW, 03.08.04)
· "Françalgérie" : On the secret war in Algeria and French machinations (AW; July, 2004)
· Mrs Tigha's Harassment by the Algerian Secret Service (AW, 23.02.04)
· Torture in Algeria: An Institutionalised and Systematic Practice (AW, 10.03)
· GIA: Armed Islamist Groups Serving the Algerian Sécurité militaire? (AW, March, 2003)
· Extrajudicial Killings (AW, April, 1999)
· Report on the “Disappearances” in Algeria (AW, March 1999) (2005-2016)